La La Land (Review)

City of stars – are you shining just for me? City of stars – there’s so much that I can’t see. Who knows? I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you, That now our dreams, they’ve finally come true. When I was a teenager, my aspiration was to become a professional actor. […]

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Florence Foster Jenkins (Review)

The idea that certain movies are made just to be Oscar fodder has become a punchline, parodied in movies like Tropic Thunder and In & Out. Unfortunately, it’s an idea that has some truth to it. There certainly are movies that feel like they were made specifically to garner awards, and they usually have some success, […]

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The LEGO Batman Movie (Review)

It would be easy to say we’ve had our fill of the Batman. The hero’s on-screen adventures have run from the silly (1960s Batman) to the disgusting (1992’s Batman Returns) to the sinister (Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy) to the more kid-friendly (Batman: The Brave and the Bold). The Dark Knight even appeared not once, […]

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